Chrome360 Podcasts – January 2018 – The story of air power

Welcome to our podcast series on The Story of Air Power, which comes to you from Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama.  

In Episode 3, military historian, Dr Richard Muller takes us on a tour of Montgomery past and present.  Famous residents include Jefferson Davis, first President of the Confederacy during the Civil War, Rosa Parks whose refusal to give up her seat triggered the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and Martin Luther King, who led the Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March.  Just down the road from the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church where Martin Luther King preached is Chris’ Hot Dogs, where fellow diners included Elvis Presley, and local resident, country music legend Hank Williams.  Montgomery also occupies an important place in the history of aviation.  It was at nearby Maxwell Air Force Base that the Wright Brothers established their flying school in 1910, and that the concept of strategic bombing was developed during the 1930s. 

A ChromeRadio production in partnership with the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies (SAASS), Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama.

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Chrome360 | Drama | Enter the Peace Broker by Martyn Wade | Introduced by Professor Sir Hew Strachan

1 January 2018

This  month our podcasts have an American theme.  First up is our five-part podcast drama, Enter the Peace Broker by Martyn Wade with introductions by Professor Sir Hew Strachan.