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Chrome360 | Dec 2017 | Beware! X-Event Ahead

Financial crises, disruptions to global communications systems, political upheavals, pandemics…  Extreme – or ‘X’ – events are difficult to predict, high impact, and cause significant damage. We travel to Vienna to meet American systems scientist John Casti, to find out more.  


Chrome360 | Nov 2017 | Chamonix 2017-Barometer Readings | On Leadership

Every September, leaders from business, politics and academia gather in Chamonix for The Get-Together, a ‘summit of minds’ co-hosted by The Monthly Barometer (co-founder, Thierry Malleret) and Anadeo (founder and CEO, Christophe Amenc).


Chrome360 | Oct 2017 | Brexit – The Irish Question

This month we are in Belfast, at Queen’s University, to consider the implications of Brexit for Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom.


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